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Regimental Chess

Regimental Chess was generated from the desire to create a solid game emulating the strategy and tactics of battle. Strategy being the art of positioning ones formations. Tactics being the art of how they fight. At first, the creator of this game increased the number of pieces and the size of the battlefield. The quick realization is that chess evolved into, and solidified, into a board 8 squares by 8 squares for good reason. The two small armies are therein locked into combat where every position counts. Increase the size of the field or the army, and all that is lost.


dd chess


Pro Footballer

The online game that lets you play in the life of a professional soccer player is finally here! Manage your life as a football superstar in an online multiplayer world filled with thousand of other PRO Footballers from all over the world!


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Juke Fest

Juke Fest is the newest music rhythm game available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Players get their groove on by letting their fingers dance on the touchscreen to eight exclusive dance and electronic tracks created by independent DJs from around the world. Juke Fest is a fictional, annual festival that celebrates everything awesome in music and dancing as players square off to compete in the legendary “Duke of Juke” dance contest.

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Fail Army

Fail Army is the worldwide leader in fail video compilations. Fail Army releases weekly, monthly, and specialty compilations featuring all of the web's funniest fail video content, mashed together just for your guilty viewing pleasure.



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Listen Up!


Listen Up! By AppSLAW Guess & record sound bites with friends in “Listen Up!” - The ultimate audio-based social challenge! It’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen! Get ready to take turn-based gaming with friends to a whole new level. “Listen Up!” isn’t just another guessing game - your creativity and imagination make the game as wild and fun as you want it to be & never anything less!


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Our Services

Game Design

The game designer is the brains behind the gameplay. The designer designs the rules and creates the structure of the game. Their focus is to create a compelling, entertaining, and interactive game that ims at giving the players the best experience.

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A producer oversees the development of a game from the concept to the final shipment. The producer is responsible for the organization and leadership of projects, the coordination of the various departments in the company, and is also responsible for maintaining the budget and keeping the development right on schedule.

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The artist designs the art for a game. They create the characters, environments, monsters, and weapons that players fall in love with. Artists can focus on 2D and/or 3D art, using various unique concepts, textures, models and animation that they themselves create.

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The job of a game programmer is to create the coding that helps the game run. Programmers are the software engineers in game development, creating the base engine, physics, artificial intelligence, graphics, and sound in a game.

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Our Company

About Us

Based in southern Florida, Clockwork Elements create games for multiple platforms and operating systems, focusing on mobile apps and the web. The Clockwork Elements team is comprised of extremely talented and motivated individuals who not only love what they do, but also love to experiment and think outside-the-box, bringing innovative and thoughtful development to all projects we work on.


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